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HALO Trust Europe

HALO Trust Europe

The HALO Trust is the world’s largest humanitarian landmine clearance organisation. HALO’s mission is to protect lives and restore livelihoods of people affected by conflict.

The organisation works in over 30 countries and territories across the world, from the active conflict zones in Ukraine, Libya, and Yemen, to post-conflict countries such as Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. HALO clears the unexploded ordnance and tackles the causes of conflict and fragility, from the removal of explosive remnants of war and the absence of control of weapons and ammunition, to food insecurity and land degradation. Often the first on the ground, HALO responds to the most urgent humanitarian crises in the world today.

Their work contributes to the rehabilitation and stability of fractured communities: rebuilding livelihoods, supporting peacebuilding efforts, reducing armed violence, and enhancing community resilience to climate change.



Clearing minefields, restoring ecosystems and rebuilding livelihoods in the Horn of Africa

Conditions of drought and pressure on the land make recovery following landmine clearance a complex humanitarian challenge in the Horn of Africa.

To mitigate this, HALO has launched an innovative project through a local partnership combining mine clearance and environmental development. This project aims to reduce the risk of death or injuries from landmine accidents while improving livelihood and food security opportunities in a region facing acute famine and vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

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