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Plan International EU

Plan International EU

Plan International is a dual mandate -development and humanitarian- INGO that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. We have worked with children, young people and communities for over 85 years and are committed to making an impact on the lives of the most vulnerable and excluded, while supporting children’s rights and gender equality.

Our programmes deliver lasting change against discriminatory norms, policies and laws. We listen to the voices of children, especially girls whose views and needs are often overlooked, to ensure that our work is relevant and effective. We form partnerships to address the systemic and structural causes of child rights violations and inequality, and support other humanitarian groups to extend our reach beyond the communities we work in.


The transformative power of humanitarian supply chain

Increasing humanitarian needs, unmatched by increased funding, require

organisations to do more with less. The Plan International EU stand focuses on three ways supply chain can help. The first one is Hulo, the first humanitarian logistics cooperative pooling resources and connecting actors by optimising costs and deadlines. The benefits are many, from financial and time savings, to increased quality and support to smaller organisations with access to resources.

The second one is localisation, including its role in supporting local economies, as well as in decreasing the environmental impact of humanitarian operations. The third one focuses on gender-transformative procurement, a process of selecting services and goods that considers gender equality. This can promote women’s entrepreneurship, narrow the gender gap, contribute to local development and generate employment.

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