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Call of Interest for Exhibitors


We are approaching the second edition of the European Humanitarian Forum (EHF) to take place in Brussels on 20 and 21 March 2023. In this context, we would like to invite all interested stakeholders to submit their proposals for exhibitions during the Forum. The exhibitions will complement the events of the Forum, as exhibitors will have the opportunity to display best practices, scientific and operational knowledge, as well as innovative solutions related to humanitarian aid operations.

This year’s Forum takes place under the overarching theme, “New global realities: shaping humanitarian action together”. It tackles two main priorities – reducing the humanitarian funding gap and ensuring humanitarian access – while mainstreaming climate change and its interlinkages with humanitarian action throughout both priorities. More information on the content of the Forum are available here.

The content of the exhibitions will closely align with the priorities of the Forum and complement the sessions of the programme. Please note that due to limited capacity, we can only provide space for a limited number of exhibitors.

The European Commission will base its decision on the selection of exhibitors on the following criteria:

  • Balanced representation of exhibitions linked to the two pillars of the Forum including climate change.
  • Sufficient representation of local and regional experiences and if possible a balance of various geographical perspectives.
  • Innovative and interactive exhibitions will be strongly encouraged.

The indoor exhibition will take place inside the conference venue. Exhibitors will have to be present for the entirety of the Forum from 20 March 2023 (09.00h) to 21 March 2023 (18.00h). Exhibitions will have to be prepared the day before the start of the Forum, on 19 March 2023. While technical assistance will be provided, exhibitors’ travel and accommodation expenses will not be covered. More details on administrative and technical arrangements for the exhibition will be communicated upon confirmation of selection.

Please submit your proposal with a short description and the technical requirements envisioned by filling in this digital form by 01 February 2023.

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