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Bridging the nexus gap: the role of innovative finance in the humanitarian sector


    Funding Gap



This session will revolve around the role of innovative finance in addressing humanitarian needs, namely, as an instrument to bridge the financing gap and as a solution to build further resilience for vulnerable communities from a nexus approach. It will convene a diverse set of public and private partners to discuss the growing challenges in the humanitarian system and the need for sustainable solutions and new partnerships. Discussants will share challenges, opportunities and lessons learned on how to tackle the financing gaps through innovative financing instruments, as proposed under the ECHO’s Enhanced Capacity Response Initiative. This is a session organized jointly by development and humanitarian actors (UNCDF, WFP, and IFC).

Organisers: UNCDF, WFP, and IFC



  • Xavier Michon, UNCDF Deputy Executive Secretary
  • Martin Frick, Director WFP Berlin Global Office
  • Michel Botzung, IFC-UNHCR Joint Initiative on Creating Markets in Forced Displacement Contexts
  • Dr. Elke Löbel, Director for Displacement and Migration, Crisis Prevention and Management

Moderator : Vince Chadwick, Brussels correspondent for Devex

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