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Destroying essential services is killing innocent people – can we stop it now?





This Humanitarian Talk will highlight the long-term humanitarian impacts that arise from the destruction of critical infrastructures in terms of public health, food security, education, and environmental integrity. It will look at best practices in the field of protection of essential services for the civilian population. And, it will discuss avenues for states and international organisations to adopt a new perspective on essential services which can in turn enhance global resilience.


Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, FDFA, Switzerland

Keynote speaker: H.E. Dominik Stillhart, Ambassador, Deputy Director General SDC, FDFA

Moderator: Mr Gilles Cerutti, FDFA, Peace and Human Rights division


  • Mrs Caroline Pellaton, Geneva Water Hub
  • Mr Michael Talhami, International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Mrs Afou Chantal Bengaly Traoré, IRC Mali
  • H.E. Amb. Dominik Stillhart
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