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Next-generation humanitarian partnerships: pushing the agenda on quality funding and localisation


    Funding Gap



The world is ridden with humanitarian crises, and humanitarian budgets are increasingly under pressure. In this context of growing, cascading needs and intersecting vulnerabilities, the humanitarian funding gap must be addressed. This will require more than resource mobilisation. Next-generation humanitarian partnerships between donors and humanitarian organisations can help to move the needle on quality funding and localisation, which will contribute to making humanitarian assistance and funding modalities more fair, effective, and efficient.

In this session a panel consisting of the Dutch Relief Alliance, local/national partner organisations and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs will present their novel partnership model, discussing its opportunities and challenges, and reflect on:

- The shift from transactional to transformative partnerships with common objectives;

- The added value of quality funding for local/national and international NGOs;

- The value proposition of next-generation humanitarian partnerships for people in need;

- Key elements of funding allocation mechanisms that can help build strong and future-proof humanitarian partnerships between civil society organisations and with donors;

- The replication and scaling up of the partnership between the Dutch Relief Alliance and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Organisers: Dutch Relief Alliance in partnership with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs



  • Arjen Joosse: Chair of the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) 
  • Eiman Ibrahim: Sudan Joint Response Program Coordinator at Plan International Sudan  
  • Marriët Schuurman: Director Stabilisation and Humanitarian Assistance at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
  • Shahida Suleiman: Deputy Director at Save Somali Women and Children (SSWC) and DRA Local Advisory Group Chair 


  • Vince Chadwick: Brussels correspondent at Devex
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