Online Information - European Humanitarian Forum 2024

Online Information

All the panel sessions of the Forum will be web-streamed on the website. This short guide will explain the different functionalities that you will be able to use in order to watch the event live. 

At the kick-off of each conference day, one hour prior to the official starting time, an email containing the necessary information will be shared with you if you have registered. 

The onsite registration capacity for the EHF has been reached. The event will be live streamed on this website. If you wish to be notified via email when the streaming is about to start, please click here to register.

Before the event - a few technical points before we start

Prepare yourself technically.

The latest versions of Chrome or Firefox guarantee the best experience. We highly recommend you avoid Brave, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge.

Tip: Mozilla Firefox works best for low-bandwidth internet connection.

If possible, connect your computer to your modem with a cable to guarantee a more stable connection.

Tips and tricks for preparing to connect
  • Sound: use a headset for a better sound quality.
  • Space: pick a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed and turn off or mute your phone. 

During the event

How to access the sessions

Go to the website –

Click on the conference programme page and click on the session you want to follow.

A button called ‘Watch now’ will be displayed 15 minutes before the session kick-off.

After the event

All session recordings and presentation will be available on the event website, as of Wednesday 10 April 2024. 

Access the programme page, select the session and click ‘Watch replay’. A new window with the streaming will open.

Help desk

A help desk will be made available for the whole duration of the event to assist you with any login or connection issues you may encounter.

Help desk will be at your disposal as of Monday, 18th March at 08:30 (CEST) at